The Bending Mentality — (context 2: The context of grades)

Beginning with an applause would not be a bad thing to myself to start the context of grades. Yes, I applause myself for following the policy of grades I was meant for to bring out just by dumping the English alphabets without comprehending the sense of its existence. The context I mentioned in my introduction yep wears the uniform of grades!..the grades which defines our careers with full of sarcastic cheers; but my heart whispers I don’t think so…

To be the topper of a class as I was with highest grades was my duty as a son and disciple but I was not satisfied. The grades of my life had been so poor that passing out the higher education of school as the topper of school was really useless because at that stage I hardly knew to start the computer or download a file. Neither I knew the difference between a gear cycle and a gearless one, which my friends and the children of my age at that stage had knew infact had mastered on such sorts of stuffs. Although my friends used to call me a “bookworm” , I didn’t feel atleast satisfied for such a title. This was because of entry of new word in my life which began to drill up my joy and love. The word was COMPARE!!!! I compared myself with my friends and where for the first time I came into palms of Bending Mentality…….. instead of comparing with myself in regards to decision, my previous actions and deeds, I compared with world. Such a way of thinking was stopping me from being 'updated student’. Now when I question to myself the reason for such a mindset is “the play of fate”?, My heart answers I don’t think so…

The grades I used to give after comparison made all the difference in my life. If the grades were not in my favour, I blamed my faith, I blamed my God. This makes sense right?… Now when I analysed infact on surveying I could come to a conclusion that it was not just my problem of acting so ridiculously to life but many people do face it. I realised the root of this issue which found out to be bending oneself infront of 'leg-pulling-society' who were marketing the product of fear. But my heart shouted that ‘you are unique. God had given you the ability to decide your steps of future. Why the hell do you concentrate on filthy talks of such a meaningless orthodox society. U have chosen the option of Bending Mentality and the society is not the cause of your life-issues and neither your God as I don’t think so!!’

Guys I have not deviated from the context but illustrated the Choice of Bending Mentality. But this is for sure that if we continue to grade ourselves (in a normal sense and not through positivity) success will start slipping from our palms like the sand. My heart not agreeing to this……I don’t think so.

Remember one phrase as follows: “Every grade attending the highest position in one’s timeline is a down seat then onwards, after passing through that stage of highest seat”, just remember this phrase as long as you don’t overcome the Bending Mentality. And this is not motivational….No… it’s not at all motivational, if you think so then you forget without inculcating the intensity of this phrase!! Having a statistical analysis of oneself is much more Better than following a grading system. It really makes a sense, why we are ought to bend for grades which are merely English Alphabets instead we must divert our vision towards bending for, to acquire a space of love in our life, to make a large room of forgiveness in our hearts. And I mean it. Now, still is it the play of fate……I don’t think so!!….

Our life needs beauty, heart seeks happiness, mind demands peace, and acquiring all these lies within our visions and incorporating new angle of maturity, as well as mainly to stop comparing with world of what we are and what we want to be!! Our hardwork decides our career and behaviour, so still we must ought to such an mentality, I don’t think so..!!