Prettifying JSON in Sublime Text

Turns out tools we use use might have hidden features we never expected them to have ☺ My discovery of the day is JSON prettifying in Sublime Text 3. Simple steps 1 by 1.

  1. Go to and copy installation script from that page.
  2. Type ‘Console’ in Help menu of your Sublime, open it.
  3. Paste copied script to console, hit Enter. This installs cool package manager for Sublime.
  4. Type ‘Package Control’ in Help menu of your Sublime, open it.
  5. Type ‘Install package’, hit Enter. Wait for list of packages to get loaded.
  6. Type ‘Pretty JSON’, hit Enter.

Now on Mac OS X you can use “Ctrl + CMD + J” command to prettify either selected text or entire file.

P.S. Need to browse available packages, seems cool.