Why social enterprises help you fight the talent wars

Here you are — a brilliant person, want to change the world and use your talents in a NFP. You continue to do this for many years and than decades and suddenly you wake up and see that there are a whole bunch of people who are doing well, making lot more money and have a decent house, stuff for kids and happily retired.

You look back and see why you — who contributed to the good of the world — don’t get the same benefits?

This is the question that the startups in the social ventures incubator program are discussing on the last day of the program. I think it’s a relevant question.

Social Innovation is a really great way to think about not just customers and community. It is about enabling a better world for the people — the team members who make this happen.

What kind of rewards can we provide to motivated employees who want to do good? How can we attract some amazing people to work with us? What if social enterprises are structured in a way that they generate profits that rewards employees?

There are many reasons and motivations to start a social enterprise. Taking care of their employees is good reason.

How do you think about reward structures and attracting and keeping good employees? How do you plan to fight the talent wars?

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