Marketing Committee

Senior Art Director

This position requires knowledge of Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign, as well as editing programs like I-movie. It requires implementation of design solutions that meet marketing strategies from concept to completion. This person will manage, direct and develop a team of 6 designers, who will each cater for a specific committee. They will ensure coordination is flowing smoothly between designers, marketeers and logistics executors. They will set timelines and deadlines for designs needed.

The Genius — Senior Creative Director

This position is in charge of all marketing plans, strategies, ideas. He/she is the head of strategists and the developers. He/She need to integrate psychology with marketing to reach the student mind directly. Their role requires leadership qualities, constant creativity, brainstorming sessions, being updated by fluctuating trends and the most effective marketing strategies. He/She will lead a team of 6 marketeers who will each cater for a specific committee. These marketers will manage the idea creation, idea developing, the setting of marketing strategies per committee, and execution.

The Socialiser

Are you the kind of person who’s online 24/7? Does it bother you when some posts don’t get as many likes? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community?
 This position requires a socially active individual, updated with all social media tactics, enjoys following trends and being creative. One capable of managing all SU social platforms and implementing online strategies that would grow followers and engage them, allowing an active community to always be present. This person will lead a team of 2/3 socialisers.

The Communicator

This position requires an extremely organised, creative and adaptive person. It contains 3 parts, which will be held by 3 different people under The Communicator. These are; Surveying and Documentation, On-ground regulations, and Union Campaigns management.

–Surveying and Documentation entails research and development, surveying, data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as documentations and archiving, then feeding this information to the rest of the entity to better serve the student.
 –On-ground regulations requires booking on-ground tools like tripods, sandwich panels, banners on bridges.. etc, when needed by committees.

–Union Campaigns management is interacting with other committees for union campaigns like that of FYE, members recruitment, tuition and such.. and continuously updating the on-ground marketing timeline.

The Photographer

Using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye, this person will be expected to have the knowledge of what is needed to create visually pleasing photographs, video shooting skills and documentaries. In addition to editing skills, like retouching, adding details, meeting branding guidelines. This person will lead a team of 2/3 photographers.


1st Phase: HR Screening & Filtration Process

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Deadline for Phase 1: Tuesday 3oth of August.

2nd Phase: Plans Submission.

Plans guidelines and job descriptions will be sent to all applicants immediately after passing Phase 1.

Deadline to submit plans: According to Email Being sent.

3rd Phase: Interview

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