Student Life Committee

SU Colors: aims to promote and help students on campus achieve, emotional and physical wellbeing, in order to enhance their overall lifestyle and performance.

E.g: Befit, Fitsquad, Samia Allouba Dancing Studio

Monday Night Fever: a project which presents a series of medium scale events throughout the year, these events will vary between Cultural, Intellectual and Entertainment aspects in order to satisfy the various and diversity of AUCians.

SU Platform: Aims to continuously entertain students through various projects and stunts to reach out the diverse sectors of our university. This project will revolve around:
- SU Proudly Presents; responsible for hosting global summits on campus.
- The Spot; integrating the study body by installing temporary customized tents across campus.
- AUC Book Worms; formulating a book club for the book lovers on campus.
- SU Lounge responsible for socializing and entertaining the students only in the lounge.


1st Phase: HR Screening & Filtration Process

Apply Online Here

Deadline for Phase 1: Tuesday 3oth of August.

2nd Phase: Plans Submission.

Plans guidelines and job descriptions will be sent to all applicants immediately after passing Phase 1.

Deadline to submit plans: According to Email Being sent.

3rd Phase: Interview

Applicants will be contacted for an interview appointment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries at:

Email: /


Rana Khaled — HR Chairperson — 01223806629

Pakinam El-Gohary — Associate Chair HR — 01004634559