Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Policies and Agreements (APA):The team will be responsible for conducting extensive research on the current policies and analyzing their effectiveness, in order to either initiate amendments, or initiate new policies that would eliminate loopholes that cause daily cases and hence protect the students’ best interest. The Main target of this team is to pass the amendments and the newly drafted policies by the end of the year in collaboration with the student and the faculty senate.Policies include but are not limited to: Retroactive drop, Repeat policy, Declaration policy, and study week policy.

Academic Task force and Research unit (ATR): The team will be responsible for tracking and monitoring the important university committee meetings (like Readmission, CARE, faculty senate, etc.) in order to ensure the SU’s presence and the documentation of all the meetings’ content. They will also be responsible for conducting innovative research about peer universities, profiling various university offices and professors, collaborating with other projects to conduct the appropriate research needed for them. In addition to, constantly surveying the students and creating a gradual handover document for the Academic Affairs Committee.

Course Reps: The project’s main objective is to ensure the quality and standards of the courses achieved by following the syllabus and the specific material that should be covered. Hence, this project will work on reporting information and statistics from each class’s representative to ensure that the multi-section courses are aligned and that that the university’s policies are being implemented correctly. In addition to, collecting statistics and information about the professors’ performance and the effectiveness of each course. Accordingly, students from different courses will be recruited in order to report the needed information and help decrease the number of problems.

SU Competitions: Competitions act as a tool that allows the students to practically apply what they study in classes and get a full-fledged background about how to solve the different problems they might face in the workplace. The team will work in collaboration with the Associations and the Departments as well as local and multinational companies in order to provide a diverse pool of competitions serving a wide scope of AUC students. In other words, the project aims to tailor and provide competitions that will enhance the time management, presentations skills, and problem solving skills of the students; Hence, helping the students shape their characters, and preparing them to adapt in any work environment, teaching them how to strategically think and exposing the students to different fields through simulations and cases.

Networking and Continuous Exposure (NCE): The team will be responsible for promoting the Academic Affairs committee to the Student Body through developing the appropriate strategies to promote the projects and effectively reaching all the student sectors across campus. Also, the team will work on informative and awareness academic campaigns throughout the year and should constantly keep the social media platforms active. Networking is an important aspect as well, as the team will ensure the Committee members are always in contact with the offices and the departments to ease the communication between the students and the rest of the AUC community. Lastly, one of the main objectives of the committee is to promote the help desk as the students go-to place for anyone who is in need.

Real Life: The academic weapon of the Union. In collaboration with the CAPS office and the associations, the project will offer the students an insight into their real life after graduation. The real life experience will be in the form of opportunities (internships, field trips, etc..) targeting the different majors, concentrations, and class standings, hence bridging the gap between the theory being taught in class and the practical work after graduation. Through experiencing different job opportunities in NGOs, startups and multinational companies, the student will be able to either eliminate or choose the field of work they want to pursue when they graduate while they’re still at university.

Students’ Needs and Academic Problems (SNAP): The main communicator and academic problems solving project of the Student Union. It is mainly a help desk based project, that is responsible for solving the individual cases, and the students’ complaints, in collaboration with the Student Senate, departments, and all academic offices. In addition to minimizing the student problems by constantly voicing out their academic complaints to the university.

SU Tutoring Center: This project aims to complement the educational process at AUC through three different sub-projects. First, the Language Courses, that mainly aims to teach the AUC students a new language in order to add value to our graduates once they step into the job market. Second, The TA sessions, which will ensure that students’ academic needs especially before their exams are being met and is accommodated for. Third and finally, the Additional Sessions, which will provide students with software courses that are needed in different work fields but are not provided by the university (such as Java, 3D Max).

Empowerment Committee

Associations Department : Deals with all associations on-campus which will give the director a deep exposure of their operations, problems and needs. Responsible also for maintaining open channels of communication with all academic associations, the chairperson and the associate to establish a platform for empowering the academic organizations on campus.

Clubs Department: Deals with all clubs on-campus which will give him/her a deep exposure of their operations, problems and needs. The clubs director will be responsible for maintaining open channels of communication with all student organizations, the chairperson and the associate to establish a platform for empowering the student organizations on campus.

Operations Department: Responsible for the execution of the operations part of the empowerment committee’s projects; providing logistical assistance and consultancy to student entities on campus upon their request. The Operations includes: SU Tool Box; (Adressing the need for a certain equipment by most of the students’ organizations on campus), Logistical Contacts and any similar projects. It should also establish a project to develop the multimedia capabilities of all student entities

Special Files Department: Deals with diverse sectors on campus including sports teams, individuals, graduates’ association and university offices. The project aims to keep open communication channels with the different segments that he/she will be dealing with to understand their needs and problems. This project should work on the establishment of the Sports Committee, Individuals Funding program and building strong connections with the graduates Association.

Outlets & Services Committee:

Book lounge: This project operates under one of the union’s most recently proclaimed venues, the SU Community Lounge. This venue is aimed to create a comfy place for students to chill and relax. This year SU Lounge, SU Book Fair and SU Novel Fair projects are merged into a new project, SU Book Lounge. This project’s main objective is to provide simple services such as providing daily reading corners with a variety of books. It will also provide the students with a chilling corner where they can sit and socialize. This project is a very promising opportunity to re brand the union and increase the union’s outreach to every single corner on campus.

SU Shop: One of the major on ground services that each and everyone notices on campus is the SU Shop. This project is of extreme importance since it represents the union on ground and it is the student’s main go-to place for quick services. It is not only about shifts, but it is also about creating a comfy atmosphere for the customers in order to facilitate the shopping experience, along with the constant development of the Union members. Our main objective this year is to introduce a new variety of products/options that will differentiate us from other university outlets. This will change the students’ perception from the former market to the new shop. We also aim to compete with other outlets on campus through providing a range of different products with different price ranges, in order to target the entire AUC community. This project will give you a deep insight of what it is like to be a manger of an outlet. It is your golden opportunity to develop your marketing, leadership and managerial skills.

SU Packs: Packs ensures maximum exposure for the union each semester, with the creative marketing campaign, teasers and optimum outreach through the distribution day. It is always noticeable that students from different sectors in the AUC community wait for the new catchy pack with the exceptional theme and high quality products. Therefore, this project can be extremely challenging as the general manger will be supervising a huge team and creating a plan that targets the whole AUC body. However, it is one of the major development opportunities that any undergrad could be looking for. This project is your golden ticket to increase your managerial skills and creativity.

SU Ongoing Services: The project’s main aim is to provide ongoing services for the students all year round, these services will be targeting specified areas on campus; Gardens, Sports Complex, Plaza, etc. The project’s objective is to design interesting experiences and ensure the comfort of students in their everyday lives by offering simple alternatives that can greatly affect their day-to-day experience.

Political Representation Committee:

Student Government & Association (SGA): The authentic role of this function is mainly to work on the collaboration schemes with the student senate and the associations in order to have one representation hub for the whole student body, so that the real sound and thought of the students would reach out all over the university. Working in parallel with the legislative branch make our position much more powerful as this creates very large pressure on any opposing party. This also guarantees that representation is done both from the legislative and executive branches at the same time, so this decreases any opportunity of loopholes or deficiencies from one side or another.

Strategic relations and negotiations: This function’s role is to provide student union representatives to different university offices all over campus. This guarantees that students are represented in all different aspects and places. The committee will be getting all updates and new insights from offices and dealing with it, and at times of major decisions, the committee’s chair and the union’s supreme board will be involved too. The unit will be responsible for overseeing the offices’ policies too and will interfere in amending them when needed.

Operations Management: This function’s role would be the backbone of the committee as all the logistical operations and coordination would be its primary responsibility. The large scale projects preparations and permits will be its significant role alongside any other logistical issue in the committee. The presence of such a unit in the committee would be like a crisis management team that is responsible for any logistical flaws and errors. The unit is involved in all projects operations such as political debates and political conferences.

External affairs: The external affairs unit is responsible for the communication with any external entity to represent the AUC SU, especially the Egyptian government or so, if a large scale political event is being held on campus and if we managed to do so, that would need representatives from the government for example. You link the union to the external community. Another aspect is that we will be trying to make deals with governmental ministries such as the ministry of transportation in order to find alternatives to the transportation problem for instance. Any connections with well known figures in the community is the responsiblity of the manager.

Social Responsibility Committee:

SU Forsa: aims to give AUC’s workers community essential career skills through sessions that would incorporate skills such organization, communication, time-management that would help them in their work and life.

Social Innovation: Campus wide competition in Fall semester to develop start-up social enterprises in the form of technologies: apps, websites, services, products…etc. that have a positive social impact and provides sustainable solutions to pressing problems in Egypt. Main theme will be improving the lives of those who are discriminated against: differently-abled, refugees…etc.

SU Girls Coding: Based on the Girls Who Code program, the project consists of coding sessions for underprivileged high school girls in AUC campus to narrow down the gender gap in STEM fields, connect them to female pioneers, increase their employability and potential as well as their ability to create impactful technologies in a fun project-based environment. The project will launch in the winter break and will continue throughout the spring semester.

Development Summit: Large-scale two-day summit in spring semester with roundtables, debates, workshops, inspiring keynote speakers, networking events, NGO and Social Enterprises Station, and essay competition on Egypt’s most critical development problems to empower youth to become the next generation leaders. Topics can include: Education, Minorities’ empowerment, Poverty, Energy/Environment, Health, Technology and Media.

El-Maqar: Local headquarters for all AUC community development entities at a certain underprivileged location in Cairo, categories of efforts/projects include: education, entrepreneurship, technology and development through performing arts; match volunteers according to skills and interests where we create a culture of giving back at what you’re good at.

Student Life Committee:

SU Discover: Aims to revitalize the student’s thirst for exploration by exposing them to various and diverse cultures, experiences, and people. This project falls under the social and cultural pillar of the Student Life committee. This project will aim to cater for students in every scheduled holiday trips that revolve around these aspects: International, Domestic, Influential, Adventurous, Social and Cultural & Cairo’s Explorations

SU Platform: Aims to continuously entertain students through various projects and stunts to reach out the diverse sectors of our university. This project will revolve around:
- SU Proudly Presents; responsible for hosting global summits on campus.
- The Spot; integrating the study body by installing temporary customized tents across campus.
- AUC Book Worms; formulating a book club for the book lovers on campus.
- SU Lounge responsible for socializing and entertaining the students only in the lounge.

Thus, the focal point is to spread cultural oriented vibes to the AUC community through different types of entertainment and services.

The Workshop 101: When passion and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. This project merely offers students with various and diverse interests, workshops throughout the year that unleash the passion and potential of the students’ interest(s). These workshops may vary around the lines of aquirable skills; cultural aesthetics; and effective managerial skills.

For instance: Writing; Photography; Cooking; Jewelry Making; Dancing; Fashion Design 101; Azza Fahmy Design Studio; Planet Photoshop/illustrator/Indesign (Softwares of Defevity); Yoga Poetry, and etc..

Human Resources & Development Committee:

SU Network System: The project’s main objectives are to assess, evaluate, develop, and empower the union member. This project is considered to be one of the developmental projects that falls under the Department of Development in the HR Committee. It is expected to provide a professional and a regular assessment and evaluation system for each and every union member. The project will also be looking forward to track each individual’s personal needs until reaching his/her maximum peak of development. The project is also expected to empower the union members through: researching for international conferences and/or competitions for them to join and working on delivering the student union calibers for an exchange programs with other Student Unions abroad.

Leaders’ Academy: This project serves one of the main Human Resources Committee Objects. This project is considered to be one the developmental projects that falls under the Department of Development in the HR Committee .It focuses on the personal and professional development of the union member. The project will work on delivering a set of professional training and self-exploration workshops/sessions throughout the year.

The Best in Show Project: The project’s main aim is to provide the union member with an entertaining recognition system new scope: this includes but is not limited to an SU Open Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and a Family’s Ceremony. The project is also expected to organize an innovative rewarding system for the Student Union members on a monthly basis.

The Pull Project: This project aims to create a comfortable, healthy, and motivational work environment for the members of the Student Union. The project is expected to work on providing fringe benefits for the Union members and to renovate of the Student Union Office. Also, this project is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with the Student Union Members through publishing an internal newsletter. The newsletter can give a glimpse of the committee updates and offers.

Mission Impossible Project: The project’s main objective is to provide the student union member with an integral program. This program is expected to touch upon different aspects, this includes but is not limited to retreats with a Kheir cause, general retreats, as well as adventurous and entertaining trips.

ISO Project: The main objective of this project is the international accreditation .The project is expected to work on the certification of the Student Union as an entity by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Financial Affairs Committee:

Six Ambassadors are recruited; each will be allocated in a committee. The ambassador administrates any fiscal matters of the committee. He/She should computerize, classifies, records and verify numerical data for the committee. Also, he/she should compile and sort the documents such as invoices and cheque, substantiating the committee transactions.

Marketing Committee:

Six Ambassadors are recruited; each will be allocated in a committee. He/She is responsible for the PR and marketing students that communicate key messages of the committee and promote its services. Also, they should create and develop all the marketing material, product development, public relations using all the forms of media & communication.