He hangs his head down with regret.
Twice, he’s badly failed in a subject.
He can’t get selected in any college.
His hopes are crushed, like an insect.
To say that he feels like a reject, would
Be an understatement. He sits dejected,
Addicted to a cigarette. Pride is ejected,
And fear has been injected in its stead.

He has lost every ounce of faith.
He is fuelled with gallons of hate.
Because all year, all his ear hears,
Is that the state of his mind is like
That of a blank slate. Like a plate,
Without any morsel of food in it.

He feels utterly betrayed by fate.
He can’t catch up with his mates.
But driven by rage, he has finally
Mustered up enough of courage,
To no longer wait until it’s too late,
But to create a great future in which,
He can write this story down as a poet,
So that others could strongly relate to it.