Incredible India

Where can you meet a guy who can grapple
With the fact, that he has to rap to this beat?
And find half a billion people who don't mind
Happily surviving in 45 degrees centigrade of
Heat? Where else, will you even see mammals
Like dogs, goats, cattle and sheep, or camels and
Saddled horses roaming unshackled on the streets?
Where can you have as many mangoes and custard
Apples as you wish? Or get to handle spicy curries
Served in casserole dishes? Is there another place
Where entangled bangles dangle, and dazzle as
They reflect light at angles while jangling to the
Breeze? Or where there are cottages of mud that
Have thatched rooftops, with satellite antennas
Attached just to watch a good cricket match?
These lands, are full of music and dance,
That enhance your senses, and send you
Into a psychedelic trance, without the need
For recreational chemicals. Here, you will
Find exquisite pottery, tribal graffiti, and
Colorful patterns, made on the floor with
Crystals of sand that express the identity
Of the local community. And chances are,
You will happen to glance upon the hands of
Women that are adorned with dyes made from
Henna plants. It wouldn't be very tough for you to
Search for a piece of embroidery, that is devoid
Of motifs that are not environmentally friendly.
And words are simply not enough, to properly
Communicate the sheer beauty of the jewelry.
Be it silver, gold, pearls, emeralds or rubies,
Emotions extrude from them so effectively!
So pity yourselves, if you live in London, Paris
Or New York city because India is most definitely
The country where you need to be, for all of eternity!