This verse is just a facade of the complex architectural structure,
That my textual work usually is. Teachers of English literature
Should lecture about my technical prowess in universities,
As I am absolutely amazing at alliteration and allegories.
So what, if not an ounce of innocence gets featured in
My lyrics? The very nature — of my rapping procedure is
Sheer arrogance. After all, I bet that there are not too many
Who have the ability to maintain a balance, between constantly
Creating consistent consonance with consonants and sending out
A meaningful message. It is not that I cannot manage to — but I
Am done being humble. I am undoubtedly, one of the greatest
That there ever was or is. Ready to rumble in the jungle and face
Any sort of challenge. I think it is about time that this world takes
Cognizance of my talents. So, please forgive me for the prevalence,
Of the immense confidence that resonates in this cadence! It seems
That apparently, a normal life was not for me ever since my parents
Decided to omit a vowel, and chose to give me an alphabet with a
Diacritical mark under it. A dot beneath R, and my name means
Noble-hearted? Oh, I wish I could press Ctrl + Z, so I could undo it!
You are listening to an artist, with this beat as his canvas, who is using
These syllables as his palette. I am an aspiring designer, who shamelessly
Steals stuff from the internet. I am perhaps, the biggest hypocrite you will
Ever find on this planet — and that is simultaneously the source of most of
My pride as well as my laments. I am like an addict, both a thrill seeker and
A creature of habit. A genius on the verge of insanity, who both topped and
Flunked in Mathematics. Damn it, I am so demoralized because I don't Know whether I should go slow and steady or fast and furious in life
Like the tortoise and the rabbit. I resemble a beautiful blemish, like
A facial mole or urban graffiti. I am like a comet affected by gravity,
Always falling but moving tangentially at a velocity, that is not
Enough to break free, from the powers that be, and hence,
My life runs around in circles perennially as if I am in orbit!
But after ploughing it, a field of grain always has to be mown.
You eventually have to reap — whatever you had sown.
For had I interwoven a stitch in time, I wouldn’t
Have ended up scoring so abysmally low in
An examination some two and a half years ago!
And maybe it was just the hormones, but ever since
Then, I have been growing more and more mature and
Trying to reclaim my throne as I feel that there is still much
That needs to be proven, especially to the girl who I have been
Indubitably adoring, ever since Cupid took his bow and arrow and
Shot me after zeroing on my eyeballs and yeah, this line also matters
As it occupies space and has the Higgs’ boson! Imagine, going from
Coughing due to all the smoking and overdosing on nicotine to
Keep me from dozing off after all the boozing to being simply
Mind-blowing while composing this poem like a symphony
From Beethoven — my existence presently consists of more
Substance — than its abusing! I may be unnecessarily showing
Off my mastery but I sincerely believe I may be in the league of
Certain extraordinary gentlemen, like Shakespeare and Eminem!
And this is why you will often find me moaning, about the fact that
I am still not well known, despite knowing that no one around me can
Use homophones like the way that I am doing! So, if your jaw is dropping
While listening to this song and you know it then go on, help me promote it.