I saw this girl once. She walked on to the stage,
Having skin like a pearl — while we were sitting in
The distance, bunched up in the college auditorium
For some promotional event. Started beseeching the
Audience, saying it would be good if each of us could
Contribute some funds towards alleviating the impact
Of the floods that had utterly ravaged the land that she
Belonged to. Major mudslides suddenly happening all
Over a beautiful valley, which the news outlets often
Keep depicting as one full of bloodshed. Essential
Merchandise along with urgent aid desperately
Needed for the multitudes of stranded residents; 
And unprecedented property destruction matched
Not even by armed insurgents. Although I quickly
Went back to being engaged in a pretty random
Discussion with my friends, for a very fleeting
Instant or so, it simply did force me to think, 
“Man, if only I had the courage to stand and
Talk to people with sincerity like that! Why do
I never really root for any significant cause?
Should I borrow a leaf out of her book?!
Maybe she will let me rip out a page?”

Years later, and again did I see that girl today.
The same emotion in that husky voice. But alas,
No longer the poise. Crying both her eyeballs dry,
Extremely insecure and distracted with the noise
Of information engulfing her — wondering why
The things she is attempting keep hitting this
Brick wall. By studying what she does — has one
Made the right choice? It was quite a pitiful sight,
To witness a person demoralized this much, wishing
All her problems would just go away. Ah, if only had
I reached out to her a few weeks earlier! Because
My ears did kind of rejoice when she told me
That the couple of times I was teaching
Her classmates was some sort of a
Turning point. But still, those moist
Cheeks and chapped purplish lips did
Reveal the inner animal that feels caged.
Life is poking her in the skin and having fun,
But we all know she can flip the script. For hey,
Tigresses are at their most dangerous when
Backed into a corner. So leap into action,
And you will see the momentum shift!