Open and Equal Image

I thought it was very interesting how Steve Jobs has been putting up a facade about how Apple’s work environment is comfortable, informal, and horizontal all these years. He makes the public have the idea that he is “equal” with his employees and that employees of Apple have a fun, diverse, and creative work environment. Jobs has also said in multiple interviews that he encourages all employees to contribute ideas, be innovative, suggest new things, etc but Jobs takes all the credit for any ideas an employee may contribute and the whole company is very top-down. The guy who worked at Apple for over twenty(?) years revealed that Steve Jobs is the definition of a total dictator and that Apple functions under classical management theory. There are rooms in Apple that are locked and not even an employee’s supervisor can have access to it. I thought it was a little creepy how Steve Jobs makes it seem like Apple is such an open company when it is so secretive. It goes to show that the public likes to see a company that’s open internally and externally.

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