- A Look At CryptoKitties Breeding Patterns And More

Danning Sui, Johannes Pfeffer, Christian Crowley

Our focus in this article is a detailed look at inbreeding among CryptoKitties. That may sound strange, but if you bear with us, we assure you that you’ll learn a lot more about the fascinating world of CryptoKitties. This piece also covers the kitty color distribution, depth of generations, popularity, the biggest kitty bidders and much more.

Sounds good? Then let’s dive in!

CryptoKitties is a collectible game in which the players can purchase and/or breed virtual cats. During the peak of the CryptoKitties boom last year in December, naturally there also was a boom in breeding of new kittens. As of today, according to the KittyExplorer, the total kitty population is over 1.16 million., Apart from the ~30k generation of 0, the remaining 1.13 million have all been created by breeding. We’re able to dive into this rich history of breeding among kitties — including the newly established disciplines of kitty-sociology & kitty-genealogy — due to the many rules & governance mechanisms the game sets around kitty society: For instance, kitties’ inbreeding between closest relatives are forbidden; genes are combined and passed to the new birth descendants to keep coherence, with possibility of mutation to bring diversity; the more times a kitty has given birth to as mother, the longer it takes next time for…

A graphical analysis of the traders that have been active on Ethereum based DEXes

Danning Sui, Johannes Pfeffer (editor), Alethio Data Science

The data that decentralized exchanges leave on the Ethereum chain is written history. The artifacts, log entries, transactions and contract messages, are there to stay.
Of course you can explore DEX trades on our monitoring platform (http://dex.watch/). But as always, there are many ways to look at a data set and we’re constantly exploring the possibilities. One interesting view on trading activities is the the co-currency/percentage matrix of traders. It counts all unique trading addresses that are active on the DEXes. …


Danning Sui

//Data Scientist @Alethio // Djembe & Guinea Dance @NYC

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