Death of Privacy…

In today’s time the word privacy doesn’t exist anymore, it has been compromised. One example of this is the war between parents and teenager that has now been going on for decades. Often parents take teenagers privacy for granted. Unlike adults who are worried about seeking privacy from government and hackers, teens are only concerned about parents invading their so called privacy. In chapter 2 of the book ‘It’s Complicated’ the author helps parents understand the social lives of teenagers. Danah Boyd talks about importance of privacy, one quote from the book that shows this was ‘There is difference between being in public and being public’. This means that teens aren’t usually aware of what they should and shouldn’t put on Internet.The author also discuss about the different view points parents and teens have about the word privacy. As parents think it is their right to know what’s going on in their child’s social life. However teenagers have a different view about this as they think their parents needs to give them private space. An example of this is parents are becoming more active on social media platforms such as Facebook to keep an eye on what is going on in their teens life or to feel more included which can sometime become bit annoying according to the teens. Boyd concludes the chapter by suggesting that parents should communicate with their teens more and set rules and guidelines to help them create a balance between publicity and privacy. What do you think is internet as dangerous as parents make it seem to be for teens today, they need to guide them to what limit teens should share on Internet.

Furthermore, billion of people share their details with Facebook and other social networks without knowing the consequences. As they don’t realise that making their Facebook profile private doesn’t mean it’s private from everyone. For example the Facebook ‘like’ buttons are spying on us as when someone clicks them they are sharing their interest in a specific thing not just with their Facebook friend but also with the Facebook and its advertising partner. This is not the only way our privacy is being compromised nowadays we are living under surveillance whether it while shopping, in the bus, train or when driving. Although some might argue that CCTV cameras equal to security instead of it being an invasion of privacy. Besides people being under surveillance our location being tracked through every app and device for example on Facebook people might to tag their or a friends location on a picture they won’t know who is able to see their location they your location. So the question that is now raised is our behaviour changing as we know we are being watched

Overall I think privacy has died and theres no hope of it coming back because if it’s on Internet it isn’t private. Therefore you have to decide for yourself weather you value your privacy or not and if you still want to share your private information with public.


It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by Danah Boyd (2014), chapter two.

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