The Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Squad

As I’ve already mentioned in my post about mismatched bridesmaids dresses, my best girls couldn’t be more unique. So just as I couldn’t select just one dress to suit them all, I couldn’t count on the same gift to show each of them exactly what their friendship means to me. So here are my tips for finding and filling bridesmaid bags.

BAGGU Makes the Best Bridesmaid Bags

I first remember hearing about the Brooklyn-based company BAGGU when they contributed to J.Crew’s accessory line a few years back. The bright colors and sleek design caught my eye then and came back to my mind when I was searching for the perfect bridesmaid bags. From hot pink to stripes to prints with animals, there was a pattern and tone appropriate for each of my bridesmaids.

Besides being something to carry all the big day essentials in and serving as a clever wrapping job for the rest of the gifts, these handy nylon bags have all kinds of other uses. Technically reusable grocery bags, these totes can also be taken everywhere from the beach to gym.

MantraBands as Bridesmaid Bracelets

The classic bridesmaid gift is jewelry, something to accessorize with for the wedding and/or a piece for your girls to wear beyond the big day to remind them of your friendship. Many times this jewelry is monogrammed or otherwise customized to add a personal touch.

For my own bridesmaids’ jewelry, I chose MantraBands, California-made silver cuff bracelets engraved with inspiring personal “mantras.” I selected mantras that I felt represented each girl, and then I wrote a little note explaining my choices and using the quote or phrase to describe the unique role each of them plays in my life.

Getting Ready in Chambray Button Downs

By now, you’ve probably noticed bridesmaids wearing matching button downs while they’re getting ready, though I’ve never really been big on wearing button downs myself — except for chambray shirts. Always a fan of the mismatched, I was hesitant to even pick out the same shirt for everyone to get ready in, but logistically who wants to tug a t-shirt over their head when they’ve just finished their hair and makeup? So I decided on some chambray button-downs from Urban Outfitters.

Pashminas are Perfect for a Spring Wedding

The only problem with wanting to get married on the second day of April was the unpredictability of the weather. We had to be prepared for a breezy spring day, but I didn’t want the girls to have slip sweaters over the dresses we’d so dutifully selected. So I opted for pashminas that the girls could just drape over their shoulders if need be.

Don’t Forget the Bridesmaid Schedule!

Last but not least was the bridesmaid schedule I slipped in each of the bridesmaid bags. A girl’s gotta know where to be when, right?

Include times and addresses for the bridesmaids’ luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, the ceremony, pictures, and reception. That way, you won’t have last minute questions when you’re busy getting ready and attending to last minute details.

In addition to including this print out of the bridesmaid schedule, it’s also a good idea to text or email the schedule to your girls so they’ll have it easily accessible on their phones.

Why I Loved Giving these Bridesmaid Gifts

As much fun as I had putting these bags together, there’s something else that makes me really happy about the gifts I chose: the Snapchats I’ve gotten from my girlfriends when they’ve been wearing their MantraBands over the past two months. Not only do these pictures tell me they like their bracelets, but they also show me how the mantras actually fit whatever they’re doing while they’re wearing them.

Whatever you give your girls, my best advice is this: Consider what about their personality makes them such a dear friend that you would ask them to stand by you on your big day. Make the gift commemorate that quality and show how well you know them. ’Cause that’s the true definition of #squad!