Staying in the small island country of Singapore means that you are constantly bored and trying to think of cool new activities to spice up your life.

Lucky for you, staycation is the in-thing. Suitable for teens, adults or families, for birthday parties, anniversary, or just a simple gathering for a catch up, you will definitely have a fun time planning a staycation in Singapore.

Combine a travel experience with luxurious service, minus away all the hassle and discomfort of flying to a foreign land, here are 10 gorgeous staycation hotels for you to create a lasting memory.

1. W Singapore

Photo Credit: The Wedding Notebook

This luxurious…

Written by: Darren Tien

It is that time of the year again; when we pack our luggages, and clear our memory cards to get set for taking tons more travel photos.

December! It’s the holiday season! Hooray!

If you have not had your chance to make your travel itinerary, fret not, we here at SuiteLyfe have just the right spark to excite you out of your armchairs to explore the world beyond. We are all about being passionate in creating a sweet life (pun intended) — a lifestyle filled with out of the ordinary experience. …

Many have asked — why SuiteLyfe? Isn’t it just another hotel booking app? Let us show you why we should be your number one choice when it comes to staycations in Singapore.


You can get up to 40% discounts for staycations in Singapore when you book from our app. Seriously!

Image from Hotel Kai

We all know that that a staycation allows us to escape from the mundane routine of life, into a bed with crisp sheets and soft pillows. The question is — how do you enhance that experience? Here are some hacks that can make your staycation a better one every time!

  1. USB Ports you never knew you had — The Hotel Room TV

Image from Carlton City Hotel

Waking up to warm cosy sheets and a good view, the next thing you’d want is some delicious brekkie in your tummy. One of the best things about spending a night or two at local hotel is being able to enjoy the incredible spread of breakfast foods offered to guests. We have complied six hotel breakfasts in Singapore that have killer value, just for you. Warning: photos of mouthwatering food coming up!

1. Plate at Carlton City Hotel

Image from Mandarin Orchard Singapore

A staycation. Nope, not a vacation. A staycation. A holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad. Why would anyone pay to stay in a hotel in their own country, when they own a cosy house just around the corner? Staycations seemed like a clear waste of time and money. I could never grasp the benefits behind staying in a local hotel for a night or two — until I experienced it for myself.

Before I checked in, I was full of doubt and uncertainty. I could have been doing so much more with my money and time, instead…


A bright-eyed team that seeks to provide unbeatable prices for staycations in Singapore. And now articles.

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