Hiring CA(SA)’s using the latest trends in tech.

Employers, meet Snatch.Work — an exclusive pipeline of top talent in the accounting and finance sector.

This new online platform disrupts traditional recruitment models with a marketplace specifically for experienced CA(SA)’s and other in demand finance professionals. Whether you need professional accountants, financial analysts or registered auditors, Snatch will find your match.

Navigating the job market can be immensely challenging — even downright chaotic and discouraging — both for candidates and employers.

Scrolling through countless job boards with vague job descriptions, candidates often cast their net wide, clicking “Apply” on anything that looks remotely promising.

Employers pay to advertise on these job boards, and in turn, receive anything between 60 to 100 CV’s, many from weak or unsuitable candidates. Then the laborious sifting process begins, with an industry average of 12% hit rate of suitable candidates making it to the first round of interviews. To make matters worse, no two CV’s look the same, with missing or irrelevant information, making it difficult to compare candidates.

With Snatch the process has been turned around. Employers get to narrow down on a small, curated selection of candidates that closely fit their needs. The ball is then in their court to reach out to the potential next office star.

How it works

A candidate is guided through the CV creation process.

When signing up, candidates upload their information to the platform as a standardised CV which can be filtered by employers according to search criteria. This process is guided by the Snatch interface to produce a CV that is streamlined and industry-specific. Live talent advisors interact online with the candidates, helping them articulate key points in their CV in a clear and appealing way — what they are looking for in their next job, and what their CV should focus on.

Privacy is important to Snatch. When searching the database, a candidate’s identity and contact details are initially hidden from employers, who first have to submit an interview request to potentially suitable candidates. Once it has been accepted (meaning the company and offer are both attractive to the candidate)the personal details are fully unlocked.

Not everyone who signs up gets approved. Candidates are vetted by Snatch, ensuring a quality offering on the platform. They are only approved if they have obtained a south after professional finances designation or are in the final stages of obtaining it (e.g. CFA Level 3 or 3rd year of CIMA articles).

Employers also create a profile on the platform. They they can either keep it very simple, or choose to add fully customisable fields to elaborate on, say, their office culture or additional benefits that might attract top candidates. Candidates typically view a profile after having received an interview request from a firm.

Info provided by candidates that employers use to filter.

Employers can search for candidates on the Snatch database by location, gender, registered professional membership, the firm where they completed their articles, years of work experience, the industry they have worked in, the range in which their expected salary falls and roles they are interested in. A messenger on the platform makes it easy to communicate with candidates that show potential. Comparing a shortlist of candidates is easy thanks to the standardised CV format. Candidate videos also provide additional insight into personality and presentation.

The platform also offers a great way for employers to reach and draw passive jobseekers — finance professionals who are looking for such specific work, they will passively be seeking new work for anything from six months to two years. They are open to opportunities, but not actively going through the thousands of jobs a platform like LinkedIn proposes as a match for them.

Once an employer finds a candidate they deem suitable they approach the candidate with an interview request and an upfront salary offer, ensuring both candidates and employers waste no time meeting up when there is no way the company can afford the candidate.

A typical candidate headshot that is fully unlocked once an interview invite has been accepted.

Think of Snatch as Hired for South African finance pro’s

“For employers, access to great (tech) talent is the single hardest aspect of hiring,” writes Joe Thornton [full article here], investor and Head of Talent at Playfair Capital, where he invests in companies that are using innovative technologies to disrupt existing markets.

There is therefore a need for an on-demand pipeline of high-quality jobseekers, such as Hired, a wildly successful platform for top tech talent recruitment in the US. Hired only approves high value candidates and desired employers such as Twitter, eBay and American Express, cutting through clutter and unwanted attention on both sides of the spectrum.

Snatch provides this solution for accounting firms in the South African context, removing the need for recruiters and messy job boards.

Part of Hired’s success can be attributed to having employers make upfront tentative offers. These offers are visible to all other companies on the platform as well, creating an auction environment that results in better remuneration for professionals. This feature isn’t currently built into the Snatch platform, but it’s a possibility in the future, if this will benefit both candidates and employers.

For now all interaction on the platform remains private. Snatch aims to create a “safe space” for highly sought-after finance professionals and companies where they can do business.

Snatch is currently in a beta launch phase. For a limited period employers can come on board at a 33% discount. To find out more, visit Snatch.Work.