Install SSL Certificate for Free — Let’s Encrypt installation without coding

let’s encrypt totally free but you do need to update it every 90 Days so basically you have to do the same process every 90 days.

you can install let’s encrypt in few ways are we going to use an online tool for simplicity especially if you’re not like coding.

Go to and click online certificate and tools and start the free SSL certificate

and once it’s loaded you’ll see below image screen.

Add your domain name with and without www like and and check the check box here then hit the next button. show in below screenshot.

it will start generating at CSR. this might take a minute or so just wait it out.

Once it’s done hit the download button so you have a backup of this file and then you can just hit next button again and it will generating account key again this might take minute or two and once it’s done click on download button as a backup and you can hit next button.

In next step, you will be verifying that you are owning this domain by placing these files on to your server.

it’s actually quite easy just download the file and then you have to go to the cPanel in my case I’m using you should have the similar setup for other web hosting provider so your cPanel navigate to File Manager and go to your root and the important thing here is to create a folder under your public_html called .well-known so it’ll create here and the inside of that folder create another folder acme-challenge once that’s created just go inside of it and then upload those two files we just downloaded.

Note: Folder name should be same as above defined.

Show Steps to the explain above description.
1. Go to the File Manager
2. Create New Folder name is .well-knows inside the File Manager

3. Go inside the .well-knows folder and create another folder name is acme-challenge

4. Upload last two downloaded file inside the acme-challenge Folder.

Alright and now you should see a new folder the two files.

And you can test that this works by clicking on the link in show in below image.

and it returns you the keys that mean it’s installed correctly and you can hit next and it will verify that everything is right and if everything went well you’ll see that your certificate is ready so if you scroll down you’ll see the two forms just create on download so that you have the backups.

All right now you go back to your cPanel and if you scroll down and find SSL/TLS under security section.

Hit on that and in GoDaddy, you have to find here at the bottom installing managers.
Hit on manage SSL and here you’ll be select your domain.

for other field go back to the and we’ll grab the first key and copy paste in CRT Blank section.

Note: the first key has a two key first is CRT and another is Certificate Authority Bundle so carefully copy the key and paste 
in the related section.

  1. The first key is CRT
  2. Second Key is Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)

And the private key you can grab it from zero SSL and you copy paste it in the middle section it says private key on the top so copy paste there

After shows, green checks it means all is good just hit on install certificate and once it’s done your SSL certificate is installed and you can test it by going to your website and putting the HTTPS in front of it and you’ll see that you should have this secure lock in front of your domain name

We want to automatically redirect all the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.
go back to your cPanel File Manager and there if go to your root so your public_html and create a new file called .htaccess.

Opened and added below code.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

then save the file and now if you refresh it automatically redirects you all time to the HTTPS.