Pricing Tables

For me, pricing tables have been a very difficult component to design. I spend hours on the internet looking for something that will spark an idea. I usually always end up doing a generic pricing table with the price on top and the features on bottom.

I was browsing through Evernote today and I came across its pricing table and I instantly fell in love with it (which is a weird thing).

Default state on left, hover state on right

When you land on this page, it’s clean and simple and the user is only given the information he needs right away which is the price. When you hover on a card, a nice animation reveals all the features Evernote has and highlights the one he has access based on the card he selects.

This allows users to know what he will be getting and if he needs the other features or not. This plays out amazingly in the desktop and for their mobile view, they have a different UI component which lists out the features and it focuses on the monthly uploads size for mobile view.

It’s also nice to see they give mobile users the option to subscribe to a monthly plan. It probably is because most of their users are mobile users, I’m really not sure but I guess it’s something to think about, having different pricing options depending on your target consumer and the platform of your app.

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