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We’re all on the same page that producing content for marketing purposes is important. But are you generating content for content’s sake? Or are you actually using your content to attract customers and close sales?

The key to getting the highest possible ROI from content marketing comes from deploying it appropriately across all of your customer acquisition channels.

Below, I’ve covered 26 ways startups can use content to attract and close customers. …

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While social media interactions can tell you something about your customers’ experiences, why would you need a community in order to better your customer service?

Brand communities offer unique insights into customer needs, expectations and desires, and they can help you vastly improve your approach to customer support. More than ever, major brands are leveraging their communities to supercharge their customer service. Here’s what they know.

Why customer service matters

We’re all here because we believe that customers deserve the best — a top-notch product, and excellent service when they need help. …

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Is all your hard work paying off? Maybe not. According to Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, managers can’t tell the difference between employees working 80 hours a week — and those who just pretend to. They couldn’t see if their overworked employees actually accomplished more than those just pretending to work hard.

But the research doesn’t give us a free pass to just slash our work hours and expect to see success. Instead, we should be working smarter, not harder, on our businesses to see results.

So instead of logging upwards of 80 hours of work a week simply for the sake of hard work, turn those 80 hours into a smart and savvy business hustle to skyrocket your success. …


Sujan Patel

Entrepreneur & Marketer. Co-founder of http://Webprofits.Agency & Ramp Ventures

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