Sassy at 60!

I woke up this morning to my 60th birthday wondering if this day would feel any different from yesterday. I felt the same as I always do until my mobile phone started to ring and the calls started to come in. As I answered the enthusiastic birthday wishes from friends I realised a common vein underlying their greetings — there seemed to be a hint of commiseration underlying their wishes. “Don’t worry, we’re right behind you”, said one friend. Several others said “Hey, 60 is just a number! It’s how you feel that matters..” And yet others said “you really don’t look 60" so you should be happy”!

So, I thought, what SHOULD I be feeling today, on this ‘milestone’ in my life? I felt the enormity 6 decades going by in a flash! What then, did I do all this time? I did very well in school, went to tennis coaching camps, excelled at Art College, played golf and won tournaments with a handicap of -8, married the most amazing man, raised two beautiful kids, saw one of the happily married and said a gut wrenching farewell to my beloved Mother two years ago. That, in retrospect was quite a lot to be proud of and thankful for. what then, do I feel about this new decade in my life? I see possibilities, opportunities and exciting ways to make my life as full as it has been. I feel time will not be so relentlessly hurried — plenty of time to focus on different things: looking after my aged Dad, supporting my three charities with renewed commitment..maybe have an exhibition of my drawings..

Most importantly, I am going to document this decade in this Blog — a dedication, if you will, to all the ‘Sassy 60's’ out there. Sharing tips on food, exercise, yoga, make up, dressing. In short, everything and anything Thatbgoes towards being Sassy at 60! Let us celebrate everything this decade brings to us, never mind th wrinkles, sags and bags — when did that stop anyone from living life to the fullest! It’s not going o stop me. As one friend said, “you aren’t 60" you are 18, with 42 years experience”! I agree……

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