As I am getting older I realise that time and experience have slowly coated me with a strength I didn’t have in my younger days.

Today I stand with a clearer, more positive mind and a strong desire to simplify, cleanse and strengthen my personal space.

Today I stand with fewer friends, but they are the truest and they are, unfailingly my strength.

Today I stand with fewer needs – my physical and mental health matter to me more than my material possessions.

Today I’m not afraid to face the mirror and see, and appreciate, reflected back at me, the handiwork of time and life.

Today I stand tall without apology, for all my actions, good and bad, because they made me who I am.

Today I stand firm in the belief that no-one is ‘good’ and no-one is ‘bad’ – we are all just people living life as best we can – no apologies!

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