Which Women in Tech?
Nicole Sanchez

Separating our bodies from who we are

There’s definitely a skewed ratio of men to women in tech and engineering related disciplines. And there’s definetely as skewed ratio of women to men in professions like nursing, HR and maybe, other professions which I’m not aware of. There’s been a lot of talk about increasing women’s participation and increasing ratios for a better workplace etc. But this is not going to help because its not that the profession or industry is shunning women but its the other way round

Men and women are different physically and emotionally. Women, on average, gravitate towards roles which call for creativity, empathy and/or delicacy while men on an average move towards roles which require logic and/or strength. I’m talking probabilities here and am not generalizing. If the media and industry keeps pumping these numbers and urgenices into the minds of women, attracting them with high salaries, cozy lifetstyles etc, its going to be no different from what Christian missionaries have been doing all these years. Many women, who normally wouldn’t opt for these roles will find themselves unhappy even though they may be successful. The same would apply to men in other professions. Exceptions definitely exist and their entry into the professions of their choice, given the right circumstances, is unstoppable.

What I’m saying is this: let us not divide our workplaces into male and female. Because, as people our energies and thoughts are different. Instead, ensure that if there are a few men or women who would like to work in roles not traditionally held by the same gender, then their assimilation should be as smooth as possible. We are more than just our body parts.

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