Interestingly, many opeds written about Nepal PM K P Oli’s visit to India. Just a place to access those quickly and for those who missed some piece. The analysis are so diverse, so we always look at this as an opportunity for folks to give us a shout for curated analysis.

  1. Akhilesh Upadhyay in Indian Express

2. C Raja Mohan in Indian Express

3. Interview with Suhasini Haidar in The Hindu

4. Deepak Adhikari in Nikkei Asian Review

5. S D Muni in The Quint

6. Prashant Jha in The Hindustan Times

After a year of investment summit where $ 13.1 billion was committed for Nepal, went in to dig an article written 14 years ago on attitude towards Foreign Investors.

Open and shut case
No foreign investment please, we are Nepali


FROM ISSUE #183 (13 FEB 2004–19 FEB 2004) |

Last week’s issue of this paper was heavy with opinion on foreign investment in media and competition. This week, let’s look beyond just media to foreign investment in general.

Nepal commits to foreign investment at every meeting with multilateral agencies, government plans never fail to mention how we should…

Looking back 10 years ago when Arthabeed gave the Maoists who took charge of government benefit of doubt. Thinking what will be the history that this Oli led government will write when we will look back in 2028.

April 2008

Some habits of the Kathmandu cocktail circuit have had a sudden change of heart and are trying to find socialite Maoists who they can strike up a conversation with. But the Beed is still getting calls from people full of dread at the prospect of the new People’s Republic of Nepal. …

Over the past two months the surge of gold prices in Nepal has left people wondering where the real glitter lies. The Beed’s advice has been sought after by many on whether it was a good time to buy gold or sell it off. It is difficult to make any snap judgement in the Nepali context because we, as a people, regularly defy logic.

Gold prices in the international market has stagnated over the past decade. The current price hovers at $370 per ounce and the trend is rising. Gold prices that fell steadily since 1993 are suddenly seeing a…

Electronic gadgets have been invading our lives for years, but it may be time to reflect on their long-term impact — if you can find a few moments of solitude to think about it. Once, the problem was confined to hardware, advertised in magazines and on television. Now, it’s more about the software updates and apps that keep pushing us to replace what we have with newer things.

I have been pondering these issues as I prepare to spend 10 days at a meditation center as a Theravada Buddhist monk. I’m not worried about the limited meals, the strict code…

Just after the 1990 Jan Andolan, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai became the Prime Minister. I heard him at close quarters a few times, rattling on about how Nepal will be turned into another Singapore, known for its extreme cleanliness. As a young professional who worked at Soaltee Hotel back then, I used to wonder how a person who chews on paan so incessantly that his teeth are stained, and who perhaps has never attended an oral hygiene lesson, could possibly make the whole city clean. I wondered how a person who does not believe in keeping his teeth clean could clean…

Nepal Army needs to pay attention to planning, accountability and transparency in infrastructure building projects

- Sujeev Shakya

A fortnight ago, an advertisement appeared in the newspapers for Expression of Interest (EOI) from the Nepal Army for the Kathmandu Tarai Fast Track Road Project (KTFT). This is the first time that the Nepal Army is getting involved in a large infrastructure project. World Bank and Asian Development Bank, the two large multi-laterals that generally push the government on multiple terms and conditions for infrastructure projects, have both remained silent on this development. There are multiple questions that arise as Nepal Army takes on this project.

Questions galore Who will hold the Nepal Army to account…

Sujeev Shakya

#CEO - Chief Eternal Optimist

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