Leadwise Academy Week 1 Homework

During this first week we were asked to create roles for an existing or created organization. As we endeavored on our first project, one of our team members, Vinicius Cichon was gracious enough to let us work off of his company GreenWorld. This provided a nice framework for us to build upon.

Reflections on Project:

During our first activity I noticed and learned a few things:

  • It was easy to work together and to divide the work yet still collaborate amongst team members that were invested in the project.
  • The tools provided made the collaboration process smoother (Slack, Googledocs, and Zoom). It was great to have a zoom room set up for the team to use at any time.
  • It was difficult not to revert to “traditional” ways of handling things such as job titles vs. roles. It becomes easy to pull from dominant existing structures rather than create something new — despite wanting to create something new. I find this to be the case even within existing self-managed organizations, when we come across a problem we often reach for pre-existing tools and frameworks.
  • I could certainly see that having a focus on roles that can be picked up and also put down would change our identification with titles.

Group Project:

GreenWorld Investments

GreenWorld’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for everyone to make a green investment in their future and the world’s future by planting trees in the world’s tropical devastated forests.

Our first project is the sustainable planting of high value mahogany trees to help reforest the Amazon Rainforest and fight Climate Change.

Through our website, anyone can buy one ($39) to thousands of trees, the high value of the Mahogany trees and the rising lumber prices project 10X return in a few years.

GreenWorld takes care of everything, planting and maintaining the trees using the best techniques and for every tree invested GreenWorld plant another tree as a buffer stock.

Financials audited by PwC and Forests by FSC

The company is standing now in the pre-launching phase where we are building our team carefully, while applying the self management principles.

This our starting document to clarify roles within GreenWorld, it will be further developed with the Associates.

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