I woke up when the snow started melting on my sleepy face through the little hole in the glass window and birds chirping on my deaf ears which were unwilling to jump out from my dreamy world to the real boring world. My bed was so warm and my pillow which was stuffed with millions of sponges couldn’t be softer. The morning breeze sent a chill through my spine once I decided to lift my lazy ass from where it was lying. I opened the wooden door with my left hand sipping my coffee mixed with chocolate and lots of cream from my right hand. The divine taste of the coffee, humongous view of the mountains and the grasslands around my house brought me back to the epiphany of consciousness. I saw birds dipping their legs in the nearby lake in the midst of its flight and fishes jumping up and diving in every five seconds to enjoy the outside view. I could say that they were jealous of the birds which flew around the green mountains adding sounds to the rhythm of nature.I spent my morning time rambling. I stretched my hands in the vast green lands gazing through the drizzling blue sky observing all the worries fading away slowly while feeling the music of freedom and solace in my heart, I wondered, “Is this what peace feels like?”

Originally published at on October 26, 2017.

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