College for me was a real roller coaster ride where I had to face challenges of different sorts,big and small.It was an awakening in our lives where we actually sat down to realize that “Shit,why is the world so scary?”.We are boggled with so many questions as to “How to become successful?”.We see so many people doing great in life,and just like any other individual in college,I too was scared,as to what am I really gonna do.There were people who were giving advises to one another as to what to do in the near future so as to become ‘successful’,there were love birds that were chirping about a relationship that would hardly last till the end of the last semester or perhaps before that(felt sad for these ones,coz exes would still be in the same college) or if everything goes right maybe more or maybe even on the long run would be “Happily Married”.

In the midst of all of this happening,I started to think “Where will I end up?”.Will i make my parents proud?,Will i do the right things in life?Will I find that special someone?All of these questions are like a mystery during these growing years.To tell you the truth there is actually no direct path to success,we just have to find it out ourselves.We feel inspired by stories of some great people and we think and figure out as to “How they achieved greater goals during their struggling times?”.But the mindset of parents is such that they want their son/daughter to do something that they are not even interested in doing.Some parents force their son/daughter to pursue things that he/she might not like to do and we can’t blame them coz they will say “Log kya kahenge?”(what will people say?).And then the child finds himself in depression and is compared with other people.They are subjected to hear things like “ uske bete ko dekho,uska package 20 lakhs hai!”(Look at his son,his son’s package is 20 lakhs).

But then here’s the breaking point,the situation is such,we end up not following what we really want in life,and end up following someone else’s dream.I know you feel like blaming the system,the people and would also may curse that success-full beta(son) who has a 20 lakh package.But we can’t break free unless we come out of our comfort zone or make our utmost effort to make people understand what we really want to do in life.All i want to say is “Guys,you have “One Life”, so just follow your heart and do the needful to get to where you want to be”.I know it’s easy to say,but hard to do,but think in this way. “One Life.Make it large!”.