Unleashing the monsters of mathematics
Junaid Mubeen

ThisKidCalledRJ You have articulated it really well. I agree with reducing the amount of stuff taught will make it easier for students to learn, not just making them stick with mathematics longer, it will also enable them to learn better. But at the same time we have to include things that Junaid is talking about in the article. The challenge lies in maintaining a balance in this change.

And one more thing is about the way the curriculum is taught. We lack good teachers, who are unable to teach current curriculum in an exciting and interesting way. If we include these monsters, the current teachers might run away first from these monsters, which is a good thing IMHO because those who run away from hidden beauty of Mathematics don’t deserve to be given a chance to spread Mathematical knowledge to future generations. So, it seems to be a long way before this is realized but not impossible. The biggest challenge of all will be in changing the mindset of people and making them understand that this is important.

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