Socialx -the first decentralized photo social network on blockchain !!

Hello everybody! Today i am going to discussion about a first decentralized social network project! please see bellow to learn about the project any more!

What is social x first decentralized project :

SocialX is a first decentralized blockchain database that resorts community production and social interaction with crypto rewards.Socialx mixed conecept from media with lesson learn building cryptocurrencies and other society.


Social x is a first decentralized social network platform where everybody share their essential content smoothly. Just think about photo and videos app that will store your file and videos decentrally and with massive security in a single app platform. so dont be worry about their securuty. keep your photos with more security and if you think you want sell your photo inexchange by socx token,so you can sell.

SocialX is a community-driven project developed with the user’s best interest at heart.
1. We use the best technology available on the market
2. We believe in freedom of speech and less censorship
3. We believe in the decentralization movement and its benefits


The take privacy issues very seriously and as such, they want to safeguard users control to their account and data privacy. With this in mind, the have set up some standard privacy control settings within user accounts: visibility (choosing whether or not your profile will be publicly visible) and approval (control followers with the ability to approve or reject follow requests).so you can trust them without out any any hesitation.

Token distribution :

About the ICO:

ICO did not start yet ,but it will start soon . After extensive considerations by the whole team, they ultimately decided to delay the date of our ICO.

We believe that this update to their roadmap is in the best interest of all their pre-sale contributors and early adopters.if you have any question about the ico they are ready to answer your question by slack twitter and mail.

You can always contact us either via Slack, Twitter or email.

Team members of this project :

Road map :

Essential links of this project:




white paper :

facebook :

bounty thread :

My bitcointalk profile link :;u=961008

My ether address : 0xA3406B9eF2aAb95b0F2431982FefdC0de4662313

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