Metadium Ambassador Program -Essay


· Why Is data privacy needed?

: Data privacy is needed because it facilitates regulations or policies set by the government, for example in making identity cards, driving licenses, passports etc. BUT MUST PROTECT the Law to protect Privacy Data so that it is not used for crime and misuse of other identities. this is very important because the government must play an extra role in the issue of Privacy Data, for now, tomorrow and in the future

· Why Is blockchain here to stay?

: because the blockchain is an example of good future technology development.This development can help solve problems in several fields,including the issue of privacy data which is risky for exploiting crime.blockchain works decentralized, unknown, and cannot be manipulated. this is very good for maintaining privacy per individual every society.

· Why is your identity important?

: Yes, my identity is very important to me personally. Why? This is one of the most important things in my life as a social being. Privacy data in my opinion is access to everything we can do, for example making a bank account, loan money, online credit, online shopping and others. as I mentioned above, if our identity is leaked and used for this crime is very dangerous. that’s why identity in my opinion is very important.

· What makes up a person’s identity?

: which shapes a person’s identity is the nature and behavior of his behavior in living in the community. the closest person is also important in forming an identity that is influenced by several factors, including:

1. Parents

When parents provide emotional support and freedom for children to explore the environment, the child will develop by having a healthy understanding of who

himself. This also occurs in adolescents in the search for identity that is being done. The formation of adolescent identities will develop better when teens have families who give

“Security” where children are allowed to be able to see the wider outside world. The attachment of children to parents, giving freedom to children to convey every opinion they wish to give, support and warmth from parents, and open communication between parents and adolescents will influence the formation of adolescent self-identity.

2. Interaction with Friends

Through diverse interactions with peers, the acquisition of adolescents about ideas and values will also increase. Emotional support from close friends will help teenagers help one another in finding choices and peers can be role models for adolescents in the development of identity. Relationships with peers will make teens learn

about the value they have in friendship, the choice of future partners, the search for information about careers, and the selection of teenagers for careers. Besides that, it’s a group of peers

is a source for adolescents to gain views on love, sympathy, understanding of others, knowing moral values, and as a place for adolescents to prepare themselves for later adult life.

3. Schools and Communities

Schools and communities that offer wide and varied opportunities in terms of searches conducted by teenagers also support the development of identity. Schools can help adolescents in providing classes that have a high level of thinking, extracurricular activities that make teenagers have responsibilities in the roles they take, the availability of teachers or counselors who can direct teenagers to the selection of areas of interest, such as the direction they want to take later , as well as the availability of learning programs that can be a means by which adolescents can get a picture of the real world of work when adolescents are later in adulthood.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this Essay. I thanks my parents, friends and Metadium Team!

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