Explored Grampian, Grampians Way

Travelling gives me mental satisfaction and writing a travel blog to share my experiences with the world gives me an even better contentment. For many people, travelling is running away from work or life but I feel travelling is way to live life. Exploring new places not only helps me build my inner strength but also makes me realize that I am not mere surviving but also living.

On 13th April, 2017, I was sick with slight fever and cold and the very next day I was with my five friends on a road trip to the Grampian National Park and Pink Lake. So, how did this happened? My travelling buddy and a good friend Hui Dong called me for this trip , it took me few seconds to realize that mountains are calling and I have to go. I immediately took some pills and guess what , recovered in no time, out of excitement. I had heard a lot of the Grampian National Park, which is also listed in the Australian National Heritage list and is known for its diverse ecological landscapes, wildlife(Emu, Kangaroo, Koala),waterfalls and Aboriginal rock arts. I had to see it to believe it.

We left Melbourne by 10 am and around 2 pm we arrived at the Brambuk backpackers hostel at the Grampians. Without wasting any time, we headed to grab some fish and chips and later on the girls Tess, Lessy and Cindy enjoyed the famous ‘Coolas Ice Creamery’, while we boys Hui, Louis and myself waited for them to finish their favorite flavors. Few minutes later, Tess drove us to Reeds Look out, a well known point to see the sunset. Reeds Lookout is famous for its breathtaking view of the Victoria valley, Lakes and mountain ranges. As soon as, we landed the balconies lookout, Hui started showing his photography skills and took our pictures in every corner possible. Giving competition to Hui, Lessy took out her big selfie stick, which probably looked like a Chinese weapon and started taking numerous selfie’s. I remember she told me it is her weapon to defend herself from Kangaroos. As the sun was setting, we were becoming even closer friends. It was getting dark and we were so hungry that we could eat a horse.

We stopped on the way back to the hostel to the ‘Spirit of Punjab’, a north Indian restaurant famous for its butter chicken. Since I was the only Indian in the group, it was my idea to taste butter chicken, Palak Paneer and Rogan Josh. We were so hungry that the three curries with garlic na’an finished in no time. So, we decided to order another curry called Kadhai chicken. As we ate the curries, we discussed from food to politics, travel and what not. What I liked about the restaurant was the ambience. Although the quantities were a bit less but curries were yummy. It was $ 90 for six of us so the rate was reasonable.

It was 9 pm and we were back in the hostel playing Nintendo switch, an interesting home video game and simi simi(introduced to me by Louis and his gf Tess). We divided ourselves into two groups and each of us played with a member from other group. We played the games which included from treasure hunting, to dice the roll and sword wrestling and what not, till we got bored of it. Than, we ended up playing our traditional game which was simi simi. Soon it was midnight and I said Bunas Noches to everyone.

The next day, we woke up with great excitement at 5am to see the sunrise. Hui Dong was the first to get up and with great accuracy he calculated everyone’s bathroom timings(how much time everyone spent in the bathroom, for instance, according to his watch I took 7 minutes and Lessy broke all records by taking 22 minutes and 7 seconds in the bathroom). I guess he had no better job to do in the morning than to calculate the bathroom timings.

Anyways, we drove to another location to see the sunrise, it was cold but beautiful. We waited for the sunrise and as usual continued taking pictures. After the sunrise, Tess drove us to the Mackenzie Falls, not far from halls Gap. Mackenzie Falls, is known for its spectacular steep trail. We could hear the flow of water as we landed and starting hiking downwards. We reached one of balconies and saw water cascading over huge cliffs into deep pool, sending fine sprays of rainbow mist high into the air. We saw the first group of baby Kangaroos here.

After, reaching the Mackenzie Falls, we continued trekking towards the fish falls. We saw another Kangaroo on the way to fish falls and Lessy immediately got frightened thinking it was a snake. She immediately took out her weapon and was folding her hands for help. I couldn’t stop laughing. Later on she relaxed knowing it was a baby kangaroo. As we reached fish falls, we met a French bag backer who joined us on our way to the falls. We also tried climbing small cliffs, Cindy struggled to climb with my help but Louis finally taught her the technique and she felt like she had conquered the Everest. We retreated back up to the parking lot and headed to another Lake before heading to our final destination the Pink Lake.

On our way to Pink Lake, we stopped at Horsham city, Australia’s tidiest city for lunch. The city is located somewhere between Melbourne and Adelaide and is known for its beautiful small houses and cleanliness. We arrived Pink Lake by 4 pm and enjoyed taking a walk on the salts which is located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. The Lake is not always Pink but the view from a distance is pink for sure probably because the color of the water changes with presence of Green alga.

This trip was coming to end and on the way back some of us slept while I gave some head massage to cindy, Lessy and Louis. By 8pm, we were back home. It was definitely short and sweet trip which I will always cherish and would thank Tess and Louis for organizing it. One thing I also learnt that life is short and still there is a lot to explore, so I am looking forward to my next adventure, Hasta Leugo, Adios Amigo……