I ran Gold Coast Airport Marathon……………..!!!!!!!!!!!

It is believed that ‘a run can change your day and many runs can change your life’. Believing it to be true, running has actually changed my life. I have ran several marathons by now and running a marathon for me is as easy and enjoyable as having my favorite food. The day I don’t hit the treadmill, I feel like I am starving and I am gonna die. Running Gold coast marathon, which is one of the biggest marathon in Australia was always my dream. Running a marathon is not just my passion but also an excuse to travel and make friends. I was injured in February while running my last marathon in Mount Dandenong, near Melbourne but with the grace of God, I recovered in two months. I ran 14 km in Wings for life world run and now I was here in Gold coast, the LA of Australia. I had just returned from India a day before the marathon and was not in great form recently. Also, I hardly got time to practice post injury, but since I had registered for it and had a flight ticket, I decided to give it a go. I landed in Gold Coast on June 30, two days before the marathon. As soon as I landed, I went with my friend Devon Lewis to the Gold Coast convention centre to collect my bib. We took some rest at the Surfers paradise bag packers hostel. Next day, I went for a practice run in the beach and covered a distance of around 7 km. I rested for the day and certainly got the confidence that I can make it, although my timings won’t be as good as my last best of 4 hours 4 minutes.

Next day, the race kicked off at 7:20am from South port, the central business district of gold coast. There was a lot of excitement among the crowd and I was running with over 27,000 people. I was running with some of the elite runners from Japan, Singapore, Kenya, USA and different parts of the world. In no time, I crossed the Surfers paradise beach and the Sky point observation deck, the biggest tower in the Gold coast. This area was surrounded by holiday apartments and luxurious houses. I ran another 5 km to reach the Broadbeach, another suburb of gold coast. The track of this race was one of the most beautiful track along the ocean and almost covered every beach in the city. The best part of this marathon was the volunteers and the motivators and the people of this city. People who lived along the race track came out of their houses and were cheering for their loved ones and even strangers by calling their name from the bib. I simply loved it when several strangers said ‘go Suki’, I felt so good about it. I came across so many friendly people, some even offered me water melon and candy. Soon, I crossed the Miami beach which actually looked like Miami of United States and a group of choir was singing and motivating the runners. The Next 5 km was Burleigh waters, another suburb with a population of around 13,000. We took a U-turn from here and headed back to the same track and reached the starting point of the race. Till now, I had covered 32km , and I was glad that destination was only 10 km away. I planned to finish this marathon under 5 hours so I tried to speed up a little. From South port, we headed to Labrador and the Biggera waters before returning back. It was almost 37 km by now. I rested for a minute to drink water and didn’t stopped again till the finish line. As we reached the finish line, people were cheering all over and I felt so good and proud that I finished this race in 4 hours 42 minutes without any proper training. During the marathon, I also got the privilege to meet a great Australian marathon runner Brendan Davies, who finished the race in 2 hours 30 minutes approx.

This marathon ended but I am sure many more races are waiting for me. Moral of this story for me was that it is only a mind game as far as running is concerned. People may think I am a lunatic for running so much but I believe that it’s imperative to chase one’s passion and dreams. Every marathon I run, I also test my endurance and my limits, I always test myself how far I can go. It is believed that human mind is capable of achieving limitless things and we don’t even use more than 3 percent of our brains. Running for me is not only a sport but also a life style. It helps me stay focused and listen to my inner voice. Looking forward to my next challenge…adios…………


Gold coast airport marathon 2017