Here’s how we did it

Camp Figma cover art.
Camp Figma cover art.

If you are connected with me or any of the members of 🌐 Mrs. Worldwide 🌐(Mira Dhingra / mira, Michelle Lam / Michelle Lam, Monica Gee, or Keira Wong) on LinkedIn, you’ve probably been notified by each of our celebratory posts more than once. We were runner-ups at our first design jam ever, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Here’s how we went from total strangers to a focused, international five-man team that churned out a stellar proposal in just over 24 hours.

01 — How we met
02 — Pre-design jam meet + greet
03 — Pre-design jam housekeeping
04 — Jammin it out
05 — I ❤️ my…


Sukanya Ray

Product Designer @ Protobrand

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