Whole30 Aftermath

Learning positive food habits.

The Why?

About 120 days ago, like most individuals do, I began to reassess my overall health more specifically my weight. For years prior, I had attempted and eventually given up on several ‘hacks’ from veganism to a summer membership at my local Gold’s gym. I would spend countless hours viewing transformation videos on YouTube; I would get motivated change my habits for a week and then eventually default to my regular poor food and exercise habits. Then I stumbled upon the Whole30 challenge.

The Basics

I was first introduced to the challenge through my Instagram feed, where I spend countless hours browsing. The program is considered a short-term nutrition reset where you eliminated several foods (sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol) to determine which foods have a negative impact on your body. Based on testimonials, the program can eliminate unhealthy cravings & unhealthy habits, heal the digestive tract and increase energy levels.

The Results

The greatest benefit of the program was the ability to eat whatever I wanted to eat without counting calories; even with my bout with the vegan diet I would spend a big chunk of my day on the myfitnesspal app trying to determine if I had hit my numbers. So from January 2nd until the end of the month I diligently watched what I ate, read every label and along the way learned which foods I really didn’t miss. I didn’t miss the gas I got after eating beans or the fatigue I would feel after eating foods with added sugar or even the abdominal discomfort after eating grains. What did I learn after the 30 days? First I was gluten intolerant, second I really really couldn’t give up chapati or my mother’s homemade banana bread. Lastly I learned that my discipline is pretty strong.

The Outcome

Coincidentally, a new gym was opening in my neighborhood during the month of February. With my new found motivation after a 12-pound weight-loss just from diet alone I wanted to see what adding exercise would do for me. Unlike previous attempts, I worked with weights as well as did cardio workouts. So far my clothes fit better, my overall fitness has markedly improved and most importantly my confidence is way up.