a tale of finding work.

I travelled to Bengaluru. I reached here on 30th May. It was a dreadful flight, and a bad day. I know I had to be in this city, I always fly down here in June. It’s mostly for the weather and solitude. Maybe also for the sex and the freedom to not wear a Bra. I love the city, and I don’t need to be busy here. However, this time around, I thought I need to work. You see, I am an undergraduate with no money of my own. Bengaluru can be really expensive at times. I don’t want my parents to pay the price for my solitude.

I find an internship through a friend at college. It’s a good, well-known company. I am happy. This would look really good on my CV. I don’t receive a written confirmation from the company. Only verbal commitments from my to-be boss. She is magnificent. I like how she works, I appreciate what she creates. I call her on the 30th, as soon as I reach the flat I will be renting for a month. She can’t talk, she texts me that she is busy. When I text her back, as to when will be a good time to call her back, she does not reply. I text her again on 31st, it’s a Sunday. She asks me to chat on whatsapp with her. When I chat with her on whatsapp, I realise that her phone is not with her. It’s someone else. Or maybe, she is just trolling me. She/he asks me for my pictures. I don’t understand the demand. She/he asks me if I am the same girl as the one on my whatsapp profile picture. I say yes. She/he asks again, for more pictures. I stop replying.

At this point. I am angry. I don’t understand if this was official, or was I a source of entertainment. Is it okay to ask pictures from employees or interns? I would never know. I will never call her back.

I am raw. I don’t like pretending to be a professional. I am unpolished, but I work. I know that I am productive. My work is not sugar-coated with corporate language and mindless greetings. My work is honest , raw and sometimes wild. I understand that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, I am great at handling rejections. But I don’t know how to handle this.

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