Highlighted by Sukesh Kumar Dash

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Many people today think that life is tough and the world is changing in a negative way but fail to see that this is the principle of polarity in action and it has always been this way. We see how nature has been trying to balance our attempts to abuse and destroy it. The large natural disasters we are seeing are nature’s way of using polarization to bring back a balance of polarity. Many negative things we see happening to people and groups of people are karmically related. Whether we think something is just or unjust, it’s just our perspective based upon our pre-conditioned thinking. How can someone claim the world is unjust and unfair, it is only a persons perspective of the world, that makes it so. The more reactive we become to the drama of life, the more we lose our sense of direction and become unbalanced and as the Kybalion says; we then move about on the chess-board of life like mere pawns. We play the game of life being moved about this way and that way by stronger influences and powers and wills. We are used by the Principle of Cause and Effect, instead of using it and are slaves on the lower planes of life. We need to ask ourselves the real question; are we really living life by reacting to the negativity in it? What about karma? I don’t believe that God makes mistakes; therefore, everything has a purpose, no matter how cruel or horrible it is, it has a purpose. Remember, light and dark are the same things and in the Bible it states; I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (25)