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Firstly, mindfulness is not just woo-woo stuff that puts you in touch with Cosmic Consciousness and let you escape reality. …

Life in these modern times has become increasingly mechanical, robbing us of the sensitivity to our True nature and inner well being. The world has now been turning towards age-old practices like Yoga and Mindfulness to achieve peace and happiness.

The practice of Yoga is hugely popular now around the…

Sukhaatma means “Blissful Soul” in Sanskrit. Sukh — Bliss; Aatma — Soul. The realisation of the Sukhaatma in me dawned six years ago, after a Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening at the age of 22. Over the years, there has been a radical transformation in my Consciousness. The process slowly purged my past and the future, leaving me with no choice but to deal with the present and the present only. Discovering the Stillness within, and the moment to moment expression from that Still space has been one amazing ongoing journey. And, I have come to realise how expressions emanated from the Stillness within — are fun, creative, innocent, spontaneous, effortless, equanimous — and is the only source of Bliss! That Still space in You and Me is what I call the “SUKHAATMA”.


Mind — Body — Stillness: The Timeless art of Holistic Wellness

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