What makes LED Signs The Wave Of The Future: The gap Between LED And Neon Signs

Jul 25, 2016 · 2 min read

color led signs

Digital advertising isn’t any more for big retailers only! Even small enterprises have become embracing these innovative and effective advertising opportunities. However, purchasing to buy an electronic digital display the first time, there’s one question that inevitably arises: if your company buy LED, or neon signs? What type is better? And what is the difference between the above, anyway?

Both LED and neon signs come with their unique list of advantages and disadvantages concerning critical factors as their price, installation and maintenance, as well as some variables that will not immediately one thinks of, but they are nonetheless frequently an issue for some kinds of buyers. Included in this are things like space usage, brightness, or even the potential for animation.

If you are looking to spend less, LED signs are likely to amount to about ten percent below their neon counterparts. This will likely not sound like much, but when you calculate in the expense of the maintenance and operation, it accumulates.

Since LED signs are usually thinner and lighter compared to the neon ones, these are easier to ship and install, and they also don’t take on as much space because the neon signs do. If they are up, there is certainly almost no maintenance required. They may be simpler to clean than the neon signs, nevertheless the advantages of LED signs go a little more forward.

LED signs use hardly any electricity — up to 10 percent below neon signs — that also makes them a more green choice. Furthermore, with LED signs, there is absolutely no danger of smashing the tube and releasing the toxic fumes, neither will they ever become hot. Unlike neon signs, they may not be susceptible to flickering and drained.

But, think about the display itself? Again, there are clear advantages from LED signs. Have you noticed that neon signs can feel blurred purchasing from the distance? There isn’t any such effect with LED signs: they appear bright and clear even if read from afar. Glaring sunlight presents no challenge either: the display will be as readable as it ever was.

Finally, if you pick LED signs, about to catch gonna be limited inside your colors. Simply because they incorporate many separate little lights, these signs are also well suited for animations. While it’s true that this neon signs are still the most widely used kind of banner advertising, LED may be the wave of the future!

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