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To make democracy work for everyone, we should make apply the tenets of capitalism to politics

Free-market capitalism is the most successful economic system in history, as it has brought unprecedented prosperity and powered vast improvements in all aspects of human well-being.

However, in spite of capitalism’s success, the application of economic ideas to politics is limited — which is very unfortunate, for many of the challenges characterizing contemporary politics could be solved if we apply the principles underlying free markets, such as free competition and dispersal of power. …

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How we should tackle climate change

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has recently unveiled his approach to climate change: his “plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” The plan calls for $2 trillion in government spending over four years and aims to set the United States on the path towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, rebuild infrastructure, create new jobs, invest in R&D and attain “environmental justice,” among other goals.

The proposal has already been dubbed by some observers the Green New Deal without the name — which Biden’s campaign has recognized as “a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

There are many good things about Biden’s proposal: for example, it does not intend to ban nuclear energy or fracking (a technology used to extract natural gas), which experts see as essential to slowing down global warming. …

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Will the U.S. experience a comeback of the “big government”?

The United States is living through an unprecedented crisis — epidemiological, economic and social.

Ongoing events, according to the emerging consensus, seem to have invalidated the concept of limited government. Media headlines proclaim the beginning of an age of big government, which is essential to shore up the economy, tackle climate change, promote universal healthcare, protect citizens, etc.

But the current crisis does not necessarily imply that the idea of small government should be thrown into the dustbin of history. Rather, it is proof that the power of the executive branch should be decreased, and regional and local authorities, private companies and individuals should be empowered. …


Sukhayl Niyazov

Independent author. Words in The National Interest, Global Policy, Towards Data Science, Human Events, Areo, Merion West. linkedin.com/in/sukhayl-niyazov/

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