Is Money the Great Equalizer For Women?
Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie, your point that “women control $5 trillion in investable assets in this country; if just 5% of that found its way to the stock markets, that would represent $250 billion pouring into the capital markets. That’s capital that is then available to fund companies and their growth” cannot be emphasized enough. While we hear a lot about women entrepreneurs having difficulty raising venture capital from mostly male investors, I’m quite struck by both the size and potential impact of unleashing the potential of women investors — tapping into this resource is a huge opportunity to begin leveling the playing field for women entrepreneurs.
Given data showing that venture firms founded by women, as well as firms with an unusually high percentage of female partners, are more likely to invest at elevated levels in female entrepreneurs it makes sense that women are more likely to invest in other women. If women are given more opportunities to direct some of that $5 trillion they control toward investing in startup companies, we will see more growth in female-led companies. So is money the great equalizer? When it comes to investing in entrepreneurs, the answer is yes. Absolutely.
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