Green Tea — Facts

We all are aware of the Green Tea wave that is dominant today. May be the growing percentage of obese people is the reason behind the same. 60% people among my connections drink it regularly for they are struggling to overcome their weight issues.

Well! There is a big debate regarding the weight loss properties of Green Tea. While some say that it helps to lose significant weight from the body, other deny the idea. Whatever be the individual’s idea on it, my idea is to present the facts associated with this herbal tea.

Here we go!

  1. One of the shocking facts about green tea is that is not a successful diet plan for long term. You may notice a significant change in your weight initially when you start consuming it, but after some time your body get used to it and no positive outcome can be derived in the long run. In fact, a few of them have complained about weight gain in the long term. This is because a lot of the Green Tea beverages contains sugary lattes that contributes to weight gain. So always make it a point to check its ingredients when you buy it. Pick one with 0 level sugar in it. One more thing about Green Tea is that you should be aware of the best time to drink green tea and you should drink it at that particular time everyday.
  2. Green tea reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. It is actually very good for health because it contains antioxidants that is known to support weight loss.
  3. There is a myth that green tea works as an anti-aging element. I am not sure about it because I read somewhere that it do helps to protect the skin from UV damage, but there are no such researches that proves to be a anti-aging supplement. More researches are needed to be done in this regard for getting to some strong conclusion.
  4. If you think that Green Tea is caffeine free, then let me tell you that you are wrong. No all the Green teas available in the market is free of caffeine. Again check it’s content before picking.

Hence, before getting carried away with the trend, do a considerable amount of research on the same.