Be Your Own Princess!

Through this write up, my wish is to reach out to the teenage girls and perhaps every woman across the world. The hope is to inspire them with a few simple things I have followed and have helped me a during my years of growing up and discovering me…it’s an unending journey, the learning, accepting — this whole journey of being you!!!

In a world where media, internet and cosmetic industries are setting stereotypes of beauty, the confidence to find our own beauty is a rapidly diminishing quality.

Is it the arched brows? Silky straight hair? Same skinny jeans? A little splash by starlets in Media and next thing we know is that the botox industry jumped in business, every girl had the same straight hair and everyone wore skinny jeans — skinny or not..doesn’t matter!! We form an increasing tribe of girls trying to fit the constantly evolving definition of beauty. It’s TOUGH to not remain affected…I have gone through this phase too to finally evolve to understand each of us are very UNIQUE…and celebrating it is an awesome expression of self respect!

I would love to mention Audrey Hepburn here…when Hollywood was filled with women who were mostly looking, wearing sexiness as the signature of beauty, Audrey entered the industry with her petite frame, thick eyebrows, and innocent looking eyes. She brought her own sense of beauty, not trying to fit the industry bench mark! Clutter-breaking for that era she took pride in her difference…she further appreciated her difference with her self cultivated style of dressing up…walking, smiling…and the very person that she was…warm and compassionate…so we know her as the eternal beauty!!

Our thoughts have the power to shape our being…and every cell of our body! Here are few things I follow for my beautiful soul , from my diary some things I can pass as learnings and feel happy if it helps even one person anywhere or somewhere reading this just now — Remember you are UNIQUE!! celebrate it without questioning why (?)

1. Find that one distinct feature about your face or your body and personality — express gratitude for being blessed with it!! Well look at yourself carefully in the mirror and tell your self ‘I truly appreciate myself for being…..’.

2. Appreciate your quirks — Don’t judge yourself for them, because others do, appreciate your quirks! they can be your secrets but doesn’t mean they are bad…they can be just personal….like I am daring to share…I love semi precious stones…I treat them like living souls and take one of my collections wherever I step out or wherever I go… don’t know where I got this from but now that’s a part of me… my little secret..these stone are my companions

2. Be interesting and be genuinely interesting — SOME of the most irresistible women and men I have met are not necessarily the best looking…it’s now how we look but its always how we feel..feel look it … knowledge, curiosity, desire to know , learn and humility is sexy, being comfortable with how we are is the sexiest!

3. Stay cool if you wanna look hot!!! In your moments of calm just listen to your self, do you feel more confident, self assured….yes because the soul is calm… stay closer to your inner self..stay calm..its a tougher one for me but I breathe and breathe my soul feels replenished.

4. Dress up as per what’s your instinctive style, it doesn’t have to match the trend. Your wardrobe should reflect you soul and your personality and not vice versa.

5. Listen and be interested — have you noticed you like people who listen to you with silence and admiration, its not because they had nothing to contribute but because they genuinely care to know you better…like that about them? Be how you’d like to be treated

6. Eat slow, breathe slow and judge slow !

7. Yes, most importantly, be your own princess — Please don’t confuse that with arrogance !! I think women who treat themselves beautifully will treat everyone that way :)

Love and Joy, sukirti

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