How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

I don’t think it’s a trigger as much as it is a symptom of a long declining western civilization. The trashiness, materialistic 80s and 90s where sitcoms reign supreme in defining the family units, individuals, and competing against one other in who would become the most lovable idiot (or the idiotic lovable) in an environment that discourages intelligence.

It can be argued that the root of it all started in the 60s, when people started to rebel against tradition — including the tradition of Western civilization.

But hey, maybe there’s a blowback in recent years of people wanting smart people again. Especially considering that the smart nerds are the ones running companies and making money, while the idiots languish in their responsibilities working their crappy jobs to pay for child support, credit card debts, divorce, and lottery tickets. A tell-tale sign of who these people are is their need to be cool and vain in their late age.

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