Hi there, I’m not really good at choosing the article titles

So, well, ehm ehm. Here I am. Brief introduction.

Who am I?
18 yo high school student, hard-core procrastinator but still more less functioning member of society.

Why am I here?
First of all, I really like the idea of having my own blog. And noone would ever read it if it was in my mother tongue (which is czech — like there are more people living in São Paulo than people speaking this language). So I decided to run my blog in english. And maybe you’ve noticed, it’s far from being perfect. Explanation: I have always been one of the best students of English in my class. But few weeks ago I realized that I am not able to properly express myself. I’m used to reading or listenig someone else talking in english, but it takes me terribly long to say what’s on my mind and it never sounds good. So I decided this blog will be also a little exercise, hope you’ll not suffer to much.

Thanks for your attention. See ya