What’s on your playlist?

I have always wanted to do this.

Talk about the music that inspires me and the people around me.

We’ve all been there done that, it’s the moment you hear that song one seems to attach the value of the song to when they heard and how they heard it and who introduced it to them.

Do replays diminish the value of a song?

Recently I had a friend tell me that I’m not listening to enough music, specially because I want to work in the music industry in India.

Is there an expiry date to music? Can one not listen to some old tunes, only to be inspired to listen to new music..?

So I am in this dilemma, how much new music must one listen to? To be caller a connoisseur or atleast, an avid fan.

When i say fan, does an average listener go into the mechanics of instruments and genres?

Do people even care about genres? Or is it all about the mood and the groove.

I am searching for these answers, only to understand how India consumes music. A lot has been said about getting artists down, and introducing people to a wider spectrum of international artists, but what is urban India listening to?

As i try to seek to explore answers to these questions, i also am willing to listen! Drop me a holla and let’s talk music ☺

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