The last judgement

Arcanum major XX, The Judgement.

“Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day.”

― Albert Camus

Golden Tarot of Klimt. Judgement.

On leaving Ursula’s flat, Detective Espinosa bumped into a gentleman of peculiar appearance. Espinosa uttered a resounding “excuse”. The stranger said nothing, but merely glanced sideways at him, hiding his identity underneath the shadow of his hat’s rim and the collar of his dark green Burberry cashmere coat.

“Unbelievable, Madrid is full of pompous idiots” Espinosa thought, “especially in this neighbourhood. Who does he think he is? … Dick Tracy or Humphrey Bogart, ha ha ha.” The detective was muttering these thoughts to himself as he descended the stairs to the wide, well-lit portal of shining marble that was in tune with the well preserved state of the old, but regal building on Hermosilla street.

Ursula opened the door to the newcomer.

- Don Álvaro! You arrive earlier than usual … I was going to have dinner right now. Do you mind waiting for about fifteen minutes?

- I do not mind waiting, Ursula. Today I was late at the bank but I’m not in a hurry. Could you bring me a camomile tea, please? Today has been a very long day.

Ursula dined quickly and went into the reading room. She closed the window and drew the heavy blue velvet curtains. She lit the candles and the white sage, then she sat at the table before the deck, which was already set up on the table waiting for Don Álvaro. After a few minutes of meditation, she rang the small silver bell, a sign that the querent could enter the room. Ursula shuffled the cards and handed them to Don Álvaro so that he, too, could shuffle them. Then, with his left hand he cut the deck in three and Ursula proceeded to arrange the cards, one by one, face down and forming the Celtic cross.

Golden Tarot of Klimt. Celtic cross.

The candlelight created shimmering shadows on the cards and Ursula began to turn them face up. “A worrying financial issue?” She thought, while noticing an abundance of pentacles and the shortage of wands, swords and cups. “Is there a miscalculation? Has he underestimated the impact of any measures?” Ursula began to worry about the augury that the cards were transmitting, Don Álvaro had been a good friend of her late father and he had been coming for her readings for many years. The last card left no doubt: Arcanum number 20, The Judgment:

- I see … There is something that should not be known, an old mistake … But it will come to light, which will bring about a radical change in your life….