“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories...” ― Amilcar Cabral.

We appreciate and commend Engineer Cornelius Prince for his insightful and incisive post published on his facebook wall on July 24th under the above title. We agree with the writer that if we must justify the overwhelming support of our teeming parties’ members and our constituency at large, we ought to have come out before now to the populace on our stewardship in the last one year as part of the driving sentiment of OUR party.

While we accept the critical comments of our principal-Rt Hon. Musah AbdulWasi, the deputy speaker of Oyo state, more for the conscience than for the letters, we believe it is necessary we set the record straight on the salary, emolument, ‘constituency allowances’ and his contributions on the floor of the house.

Firstly, as the writer has drawn our attention to salary and ‘constituency allowances’ of both the State House of Assembly and the Federal Honorable members.

As a member representing Saki-West LG constituency, we hereby state that except for some pluses and minuses, the truth of the matter is that we wish to categorically state that NO AMOUNT in one way or the other has been paid to our principal as ‘CONSTITUENCY ALLOWANCES’ since the inception of the 8th State Assembly.
 As a matter of conscience as I’ve said earlier, the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker, out of his salary and personal sundry allowances have embarked on various touching and basic needs projects in our constituency that require urgent attention. These include:

1. Opening of a functioning Constituency Office;
2. Organizing of a well attended Town Hall Meeting
3. Extra-Mural Program for secondary school students
4. UTME Tutorials and CBT Training
5. Constant supports to few indigent students in tertiary institutions
6. Giving aids to meeting welfare needs of constituents
7. Digging of 3 standard motorized boreholes at 
(i) Otun-Iyana Igboologun/Agbele, 
(ii) Igbooro beside Town hall, 
(iii) Isale Oro.

These boreholes were sunk with an average of 200 meters deep and they are presently near completion.

Secondly, in the House of Assembly that consists of 32 members, Rt. Hon Musah AbdulWasi stands out among his peers with proper representation of his constituency and has in records a lot of bills, Motions and sound contributions on the floor of the House to his credit.

Finally we commend those who took time to contribute to this discourse of history and posterity devoid of malicious and ulterior motives which is the core central of active citizenry.

We are highly confident that we are equal to the task and we appreciate the commitment of OUR constituency on the confidence reposed in us. We shall continue to be accountable to YOU!

We also state here that we are not unaware of the calumnious campaign orchestrated by those who chose to serve a person instead of God that our principal is wallowing in abundance of wealth and that he has built a gigantic mansion and bought many brand new cars even in the face of this economic meltdown, all to set the people against him. Their campaign has failed from the onset because people know their friends from their enemies and no amount of lies against our principal can dissuade him from meeting the needs of his constituents which he has vowed to defend defensively.

P.S: For further objective criticism which you think will assist us in assessing ourself, don’t hesitate to send them our way through this email address.