"Like every mortal
I’ve been on life’s voyage
Like every living being
I’ve been through a whole lot…
I’ve had my good and bad seasons
I’ve made irrational choices.
I’ve fallen and fallen
And have risen all the time.
I’ve struggled to make ends meet
I’ve been struck by many-a-challenge.
And looking back now
I see the moments were worth it.
To say it as it is…"

It was until I clocked 18, I stop being interested in birthdays. My father (May God continue to bless him) was responsible for bringing cakes, sweets, biscuits, juices and all other "mudunmudun" to my school during break hours, and he would then proceed to requesting permission from the proprietor to have a group photograph taken with the boys, girls, teachers and all other staffs of the school in celebration of my birthday.

Reminiscing this today brought a lot of tears and old memories. It made me remember Bosun, Omolola and Stella. We all attended the same primary school —Ajoke International School, G.R.A, Ibadan. The likes of Jafar, Matthew, Amdalat, Titilayo and Yetunde at Extant Basic School in Ifo, Ogun state also cascade to mind. Sadly, I can only remember their first names, and what's worse, I don't think I would be able to recognize their faces should I come across them, except those of EBS. I mean, it's been close to 18 years at AIS and 10 years at EBS. Now that's damn!

Tuesday, May 17, however, was another birthday, and I can say that I have lost interest in birthdays — in its celebration and every aura or feeling that comes with it. I really just want to catch up on life, live and continue to move forward.

Gone are the days when I look forward to birthdays. For me, it is basically nothing but an additional age that comes with a lot of responsibility and have people reminding you that you're growing and some things need to be in place in your life and all that. The unbelievable truth is, in the last three to five years, I've been reminded of my own birthdays, and when my close friends tend to wish me in advance, I act strange to my disbelief, at times.

Truly, the past few years have been tough and tight amid the hurdles and the situation of things. At some point, I've been depressed, caved in to societal pressure, sick and all other strange things. Sometimes, being away from friends and family made me realize the things that matter most to me, which among is that, I need to start coming first always in my doings. My self-care is as important as anything else.

Do you really know how it feels, when you clock a certain age and the things you want, yet working hard for ain't happening yet? The fear, the rush, the goosebumps and all?

Right now, I'm submitting myself that the world is my stage and I have played diligently so far. I hope to display a noble and fierce expression of reign in the years to come. I hope my silver jubilee next year meets me in a better position than I'm right now.

Meanwhile, if you were to ask me what my birthday wishlist looks like, I don't even think I've ever written one. Okay, well, I did; but I deleted it immediately. I mean, people are struggling well enough that the last thing you would think of is bothering anyone with anything. I just pray life is kind to us because everything seems adversely unfair.

However, if you care to know, included in the wishlist are or were — as the case may be

• An international passport

• Books (Top Writers' Novels: Hard Copies)

•A Nikkon camera

•Money too, 0251766547. GTBank

•A paid internship in a PR/Advert firm (CV available upon request)

That's for that, and I would not end this no-holds-barred piece without asking:

What are the things you wish to know before you clock 24?

And if you have, what are the things you wish you had known before clocking 24?

Do you have fears towards your birthdays? What are they?

Have you ever felt the same way I felt in the above paragraphs?

And what's that expensive advice you'd like to dish out to me on this new age of mine?

And yes! I can never forget to appreciate everyone that celebrated me. I am grateful to y'all. May life be kind to you. And blessings of multiple folds be your lot.

Till I write you again, light, love, spaghetti and chocolate.

Sulaimon ÒKÌKÍỌLÁ. ♉❤️


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Sulaimon Okikiola

Sulaimon Okikiola

I'm Sulaimon ÒKÌKÍỌLÁ of 1705media. I'm to help people build their brand. Providing solutions to problems using PR & its tools. An advocate for positive change.