First thoughts on Fox News undercard debate

So I tuned into the Trump-free debate last night. I’ll give you the summarized version of their talking points:

Huckabee- Regulations to keep workers safe are making us poor. Poor!

Santorum- not letting me in the big boy debate is unfair to the people of Iowa! Now I’m going to hang out with Trump after this, for the troops, I refuse to answer whether it means I’ll endorse him

Fiorina- I’ve done 150 events in Iowa and my single digit polling shows I’m a huge success here.

Jim Gilmore — I honestly don’t care for Iowa but I’m a Vet, listen to me!

So much evading the questions. I’ll paraphrase.

Huckabee- “Well I don’t know what “New York values” means so I’m not going to pick sides”

Santorum- “I don’t know what’s so objectionable about saying that ISIS is the world leader of all Sunnis, they call themselves a caliphate”

Fiorina-”Obama’s climate change is less dangerous than ISIS” (and huge cheers) “and Bengazi!”

Huckabee-”we just need to find a way to keep ISIS off the internet”

Gilmore-”keep Guantanamo open! I’m a vet who majored in Russian studies.”

Aargh. I can’t finish it. The first commercial break is here, and even the commercials are too Republican; a Jesus movie about converting the Romans, war games, evil NYC bankers, and Bill O’Reilly promoting his exclusive Trump interview. I’m going to bed.

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