The pressure of New Year’s resolutions

Oh yes — it’s that time of year again. “What’s your new year’s resolution?” gets thrown around loosely amongst friends and family. You haven’t got an answer. Or maybe you do, and it/they might be over-ambitious. And in your head, you ask yourself the same thing — “What IS my 2015 resolution(s)? Really?”.

3 more sleeps and we look 2015 in the eye.

In my 34 years, I’ve made quite a number of “resolutions” — I WILL STOP SMOKING. I WILL WAKE UP EARLIER. I WILL EAT HEALTHY. None of that happened.

On 1 Jan 2013, I opened my eyes in the morning and for some strange reason, I said “I will run today.” I got out of bed, went out to buy a pair of running shoes, put on my shorts and T-shirt (that I usually wear to sleep!), and I went for a run.

I’m not sure why I did that. I have a good friend, Rina, who has been running for YEARS. And I suppose that was a sub-conscious thing. I kept hearing from her “I’m going to run today.” It came so naturally when I opened my eyes and thought “I will run today.” I was sluggish, unhealthy, and of course, (way) above my healthy weight. On 1 Jan, I made that run. I could barely make 500m without feeling like my lungs and heart were going to explode. But then I started doing it almost every day. And every day I made progress. In 7 months I made it up to 6km and shed 12kgs.

Come 1 Jan 2014, another weird thing happened. I woke up and said, “I’m going to try that muay thai class”. I went to a muay thai class at my gym and fell in love with it. However, it gave me alot of bruises on my shins, and I was not pleased with it. So I decided to stick to boxing. I haven’t stopped since. I’m no Manny Pacquiao but I’m still boxing, and I will continue to do so in years to come. I’m also still running, although it slowed down because of a serious injury to an ankle at the end of 2013.

Just as many that would ask you about your resolutions, many will also tell you to forget about it. And they’re right. There’s too much pressure. Resolutions are bull****. It’s a fucking bad word/acronym (NYR).

A new year means the start of a new outlook, a new future. Looking forward and better yourselves. Good, or bad, it’s a new future nonetheless. Don’t make empty promises. Wake up in the new year and find that path that will make you happy. Think about what you want to do in the COMING YEARS. Do you want to bake more? Do you want to read more? Do you want to pick up a new skill? Do it in baby steps. It might take over a few years, but it will enrich your life. Do it. And never use these three words - “New Year’s resolution”.

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