1% nature + 99% nurture?

On the photo: first row, two rightmost seats — Stephen Wolfram’s children during their dad’s live presentation of the Wolfram Language.

The old as the world question, ’Nurture vs Nature’. How much of one’s success can be attributed to genes and how much of it can be attributed to the environment? After hanging out with the legendary Stephen Wolfram and his 2 kids for two days during their visit to Almaty, I made the following (rather trivial, one might argue) observation.

It doesn’t contradict the famous Edison’s formula, ‘1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration’. It just extends it. 1% can be genes, 99% can be environment, but most importantly — those genes manifest themselves beyond 1% as your brilliant parents have the power to create the right environment. Think dinner conversations, trail of books read they leave behind, business/science partners they are introducing you to, talks/presentations they take you, etc.. That surely accelerates your growth as a child. Children should see both sides: hanging out with both kids of their age on one side not to miss out on the childhood, and with successful grown-ups not to miss on the accelerated maturity.